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About ink2Nft

Biography & Road Map

Welcome to our Project.

I am Stuart Azzopardi, an Architect, Engineer & Designer by profession.

Influenced greatly by Karin's drive & vision, I was convinced to embark with her on this new, challenging but adventurous journey - to Release my paintings and divulge this personal ink-based Art to the Outside World.. with a Digital Evolution & Artistic interpretation.

Our Road Map & Concept is clear - Evolving our Original Ink Paintings & Designs to Digital Art Collections with varying Identities exponentially developing from the Mother Painting in each Collection - Giving A New Diversified & Individual Life to these Unique, Original signed Creations.

We are planning to Launch at least 5 Collections by May 2022 on - - hoping that we are gradually joined on this journey by Art & NFT enthusiasts alike.

The Original ink paintings will not be released as NFTs for the moment BUT the UNLOCKABLE content in each item will definitely help shed some light on this!

Feel free to communicate with us, either here on website or on our New TWITTER (@ink2Nft), INSTAGRAM (ink.2.nft), FACEBOOK (ink2Nft) accounts.

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